Meetup groups around a P2PU course

For the second time, we organized a workshop around our P2P course. This time we created a meetup group:

We also want to create a forum, blog, etc.

Any additional tips for start building a community around a course?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @jaumebarcelo

I see in your meetup group that you’ve had 4 events already! That’s awesome! How did it go? Did you end up creating a forum, blog or anything else?

Thanks for your interest @dirk .The experience is very positive. Meeting in person provides a different kind of energy. We created a blog and a forum at . Only the organizers have posted in the forum so far! Our hope is to grow a community and have other people joining and helping.

What’s the best way to grow such community? I don’t know. We are still waiting for the answers.

Today we have received an email from a participant offering help in organizing a meeting. She already helped a lot reporting all those issues that then I reported back to you.

Any idea or suggestion is very welcome :smile:


Nice work @jaumebarcelo! I’ve started a youth maker group that I’ll be sharing your materials with: we are going to start working with Arduinos soon. I’m very interested in how to structure a maker curriculum and how to enable both within and between group interactions.

Thanks sharing our materials @oxtralite !! We can work on this together. If you want to be an “organizer” of our course with editing permissions to make it better or add videos and activities, just let us know.

I think that all the participants we have so far are adults. My goal is to organize events also for high school kids.

Let’s stay in touch and see how we can collaborate :smile: