Marketing Ideas for Learning Circles

Kathy Sierra (of Head First Books from O’Reilly fame) has an excellent new book on Making Badass Users that I thought might be interesting to P2PU crew, especially @dirk + @grif.

She recommends framing marketing + user materials as a way to help them get better at the wider context of their domain. So don’t sell a camera for it’s features, sell how it makes you a better photographer.

Was thinking about how to frame Knight to potential participants as “become better at learning online. Be a better learner” and then digging into navigating online tools, help with finishing, etc.

Thought it might help!

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@vanessa thanks for sharing! I think that framing can work very well with the college ready audience we are targeting: “become a better student/become better at studying by talking an online course with a local study group at the library”.