Making it easier to translate SOO courses

Here is the process CC has for license deeds which is probably not applicable but good for seeing: They main tool they use is Transifex which is complicated. Is there an easier tool we could use with the SOO and wider P2PU community for qualitative stuff like courses?

Continuing the discussion from SOO translations:

Soohyun from CC korea suggests:

Google Translator Toolkit

@dirk @Erika do we know if P2PU google accounts work with Google translator toolkit?

@jane - I was under the impression that Transifex is quite good, but I guess you never know until you actually use something.

I’ll have a look into seeing if we have access to Google Translator Toolkit.

@jane I could access Google Translator Toolkit with my normal google account at

While I’m not against using it, I wouldn’t be comfortable vesting too much in the service. According to the wikipedia article linked above they focus on single documents rather than projects ans since their API is limited I don’t see an easy way to integrate it in a process. Also, I don’t know if this is the type of service that Google would keep around?

hmm i replied via email but it didn’t show up here: @dirk - Sure it’s here (I think you own it!):

What about cloning the course and translating the text online line by line?
That’s dead easy, and it keeps the structure, and lots harder to mess up text formating with copy and pasting.
Sometimes the simple tools are the best?

More than tools, would it be possible to create and sustain a translation community for P2PU? The community could build the tools we need or just translate line by line as @mickfuzz suggested.