MaKey MaKey Reprogramming

Hello, first P2PU course.

This is for reprogramming the MaKey MaKey. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Hi james

Looks good at first glance, but will take a closer look. In the meantime, @vanessa might have some thoughts…

Thanks for the reply. I am still trying to figure out how tasks, badges, projects, and courses all fit in together and the best way to go about it. I think I want to aim towards cMOOC instead of xMOOC (just learned those terms today). I also want to stay open to what my course’s community wants to shape it into.

Thanks for the help

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Hi… so glad to see this course forming. It’s non-trivial for novices (especially teachers) to learn to hack their MaKeys. Looking forward to see how this develops!

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Thanks for creating this course, @James_B! It’s great to have all this material in one place. I’m sure I’ll be pointing people to it soon. The structure is nice too. On the reading page it might be good to define the term “IDE.”


Thanks for the feedback! Done!

Hey @James_B, looks good!

It is possible to embed videos in your content. I took the liberty of editing this page: and embedding the video. To do so yourself, you can click on the share link in vimeo, copy the text in the ‘embed’ box and paste it in when you edit the content!

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Thanks for the tip! And thanks for helping to edit the course!