Lovely Data Visualisation tools

I’ve been in a workshop today with some scientists from the médialab at Sciences Po in Paris.
They’ve been building some great, super-easy-to-use visualisation tools, which might be nice to add to some of our reports and data publications:

@dirk, @ahnjune you might like these a lot.

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Thanks, I really like the iwanthue tool. I’ll try to test it at some time!

Yeah, nice collection of dataviz apps. Thanks @bekka!

I recently found RAW, which can do some neat visualizations in the browser with d3.js. I was pushing small chunks of the P2PU platform data through it it, but it (or my browser) can’t handle more than than a few hundred records at once. May look at it again later. Pretty neat:

Cool, I’ll have a deeper look into RAW, looks interesting!

WRT P2PU platform data, we we’re thinking about doing something like sharing an IPython notebook with examples of how to manipulate the data. If we could use something like RAW to load CSV data from a file on the web and then do the visualization in the browser it can also be really useful to get people started with the data!

@billymeinke looking forward to see what you are doing with the data!