List of Community picked courses

Here is the list from the community call today:

Please reply with your suggestions (or links for courses in the list)

[Added from the discussion]

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So @bekka, @vanessa, @1L2P, @erika, @jane, @billymeinke - any suggestions for courses on the “Community Picks” list?

Just for the record, the Open Science course was my suggestion. :wink: We probably also want to keep the P2PU courses (how to make …) in the list.

Is that enough to start - How many do we need?

Thanks for the vote, P :smiley:

I’d like to see the Collaborative Workshops course on the front page or community picks list. Though I wasn’t able to contribute to it towards the end, what I saw when it was being fleshed out was really cool.

Also, this one is an oldie but goodie ->

looks good to me, thanks dirk!

The community picked courses are now updated. Only the 7 courses mentioned in the top is in the list. Shout if I should add any other.

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Adding after discussion on community call today (2013-8-8)