Learning in cMOOCs is Motivating and Engaging: 100% Agree

New Article from Merlot:

Participants’ Perceptions of Learning and Networking in Connectivist MOOCs
Mohsen Saadatmand and Kristiina Kumpulainen

On the other hand, half agreed and half strongly agreed that learning in cMOOCs is
engaging and motivating. This does not contradict their perception of cMOOCs as challenging. A high level of autonomy, self-organized learning competency, and adequate technological competency are needed to create the learning pathways that best suit the learner preferences in cMOOCs.

Based on 12 (with asteriks) to 16 respondents… also, the problem with these surveys is that most of the students who fill them in finished the course, i.e. the successful participants.

Thanks for sharing this study, @vanessa . cMOOC is the way we want to go with our course. Being involved in the creation of our “blended learning” course has multiplied my network of contacts. It’s all about connecting with people, interacting and being creative.

A friend of mine is studying our experience of using a P2P course in a classroom setting. She is passing around some questionnaries in every session, recording everything, tracking online behaviour …

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@jaumebarcelo if she would care to share the results, I’d love to see them!

That can be true, @thiemehennis. But the results we got on our survey for the Mechanical MOOC showed that there was a continuum of participation–so, even people who did not finish took the survey:


ah, great. that’s good news. We have mostly completers who fill in the
end-surveys (xMOOCs)… still trying to find a solution, now devising a
mid-course survey.

@vanessa She told me she had the intention to share everything. Only problem is that the material of her research is in our language, Catalan.

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We welcome allll languages @jaumebarcelo :smile:

I talked to her. She is finishing her master thesis right now. We will share it as soon as it is ready. Thanks for your interest :smile:

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Excellent. Welcome her to share her findings in the research corner: http://thepeople.p2pu.org/category/org/research-p2pu