Learning Circles at Community Colleges

Thanks to Nico for providing facilitator training for instructors at Onondaga Community College. We brainstormed a few ideas on how learning circles can be used in this arena, as well as partnering with Onondaga Free Library.



Sounds like it went well, @aoliveras!

Nico mentioned a few different paths for current students (service learning, orientation, accompanying online classes for students in the area)…did you come away with any new ideas about how the library and community college can interact with one another?

We discussed the idea of OCC possibly developing some course content for learning circles. We also discussed possibly having a instructor/representative from the college attend the last meeting of learning circles at OFL to discuss course/program offerings on a given learning circle topic.

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Very interesting, thanks @aoliveras Al. Were there any particular subjects of interest that OCC would either create courses for or recruit learners out of?

Huge thanks to Nico for facilitating a session for me and my colleagues. The topics I think will most likely develop in to learning circles at this point are 3D Design (I’m creating that learning circle now) and another one in ASL that we hope will be tied in to Service Learning credits for one or more students. I met with our Service Learning Coordinator and had a follow-up meeting with an ASL faculty member who attended Nico’s session.

In terms of recruiting learners, if we offer a program that fits with a learning circle that Al is facilitating we plan to work with him to have a faculty member attend. We offer over 60+ academic programs.