Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone here,
I am Joe Faustin ,a nurse from Rwanda ,It is so grateful to get this learning platform .
I am open to share with you some ideas related to course subject ,my English level is very weak ,I would like to improve it with you .
Thank you
Joe Faustin

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Greetings Joe,

Great to hear you are trying to improve your English. One of the most used english language learning courses is which you can access for free by creating an account. I recommend trying to find a group of people you know who are also trying to learn English and try to work together to review some of the course material. Once you find a group of people to learn together, let us know and we can help you with your next step.

Hello, I’m Vernadette and I work for the Detroit Public Library. P2PU courses have been organized at several branches in Detroit with much success. I would love to continue this success in the community I service.


Hello Vernadette, @Vernadette_McAlliste,

Welcome! Happy to know your Learning Circle is doing great there in Detroit Public Library!

All the best,

Hi @Vernadette_McAlliste

I’ve known Q for some time and was happy to meet Rob for the first time in Boston a couple of months ago. Looking forward to staying in touch with you.

If you’re interested, you should join our community call on facilitation in a couple of weeks. We’d love to have you there. Here are the event details: Facilitation Praxis - Wednesday December 11

Hi @Glenda_M_Ruiz Welcome! You might be keen to join our community call about facilitation in a few weeks. Here are the event details and you’re welcome to share it with your colleagues or friends. No learning circle experience is necessary.

Hi, I’m Bruno Agrofoglio Ferreira, BSc Physics at the UNICAMP, Astronomy and Science Teacher. I’m newbie in P2PU. Thank you and have a nice week.


Welcome @Bruno_Ferreira, We are happy to see you here!
Have a great day!

I’m new to P2PU learning circels, but I hope to facilitate learning circels in cooperation with one the local libraries, here in Copenhagen.
I’m especially interested in learing about design thinking, so I hope to find others with the same interst.


Hello, Anna Popp here. I come to P2PU sort of indirectly. I don’t work in a usual library, I work for a consortium in the US that supports the libraries in our area. My job is to provide training for library staff. Being a trainer also means being a learner. Some of the library staff I teach wanted to join me while I study for a marketing certification. I was concerned that I would get distracted from my own learning goals, and a colleague suggested the Learning Circles model. I started with an identified audience and learning need. I lacked a platform and structure. We’ll be doing a virtual or blended learning approach - the group hasn’t convened yet to work out those details. But I’m grateful for the support that P2PU has available and I’m excited to implement new learning approaches. It’s a bonus that I’ll be exposing library staff to the Learning Circle model as learners, too.


Hi All,
I am Leo, from Malema (Mozambique) based in Maputo. I have joined the community because I am always searching for learning opportunities for knowledge sharing. My background have been in Development projects and programs for social and political change.
I like to engage in discussions that help me grow intellectual and socially. This way I can facilitate change everywhere I go.

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Hi Felix, great to have you here! We would love to see learning circles emerge in Copenhagen. As you may be aware, Denmark has a rich history of adult education and study circles, and we think online resources can support this way of learning too. A few learning circles have been run in Kenya focused specifically on Design Thinking (here’s the course that was used). Happy to connect you to these learning circle facilitators if you like.

It’s at a late hour for you, but I encourage you to join our next call tomorrow on facilitaton Facilitation Praxis - Wednesday December 11

Hi Anna,

Great to have you here! What consortium do you work with? We think libraries are great public places to learn but we’re also committed to making sure the model works for other spaces and audiences too. A number of librarians have introduced learning circles as professional development or for internal use first as a way for people to get comfortable with the model before offering public learning circles. (here’s a guide that was developed for internal use in South Carolina)

Looking forward to hearing what resources and supports could better help people like you who don’t work with libraries necessarily. (PS - you and your network might be keen to join our chat tomorrow.)

Hi @Leopoldino_Jeronimo Welcome!

We have started working with Braga library in Portugal and they will be translating our materials into Portuguese in the coming year. Most immediately, Braga listed online courses in Portuguese ( which may be of value to your community.

Although far away, P2PU does have colleagues and partners in Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa, who may be able to assist you if you are to start learning circles locally. Let us know if you would like to speak more about this.

By the way, I was lucky enough to have a short visit to Maputo some years ago and I hope to return one day :slight_smile:

Thank you Nico.
I will certainly make a good use of the material.

Leopoldino Jerónimo
Skype: leopoldino.jeronimo1
Mobile: +258863106000

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Hello. I introduce myself, they call me Jean. I am from France, city of Lyon. Apparently like everyone else here, I signed up to chat and share with forum members. At the moment, I have a little worry and I think I’m in the right place to help. Thank you for your welcome.


Hi all!

I work as a Systems Engineer and I would like to share my knowledge with everyone who is interested in Linux, databases, web servers, cloud computing, …

Currently I have the LFCE and CKA certifications and I can teach some advanced topics about Linux and Kubernetes.

I hope I can help many people and also learn from the others.



Greetings from Akron, Ohio! My name is Brett Neff. I work at Akron-Summit County Public Library and am excited to bring P2PU to this community!

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Hello, my name is Stephanie and I work in Science & Technology at the Akron Summit County Public Library.


Hello, everyone! My name is Scott Schrade & I work for the Fairlawn-Bath Branch of the Akron-Summit County Library system in Ohio. Looking forward to initiating some Learning Circles to engage my community!