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Hi all, I am Fei from China. I studied Learning Technologies in the US and now want to really get my feet wet and create something from the ground up. I really appreciate the help from P2PU, and hope to be able to contribute some day in the near future. Wish me luck!


Welcome @Fei and good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m Kelsey. I am from the US, and I am looking for various ways to reach out to people and educate them in participatory government, the United States government process, our state government, and how and where individuals can get involved in things that matter to them. The greater goal is about empowering people to feel more confident about being part of the process of modern democracy and to encourage rational, rather than fear-based action and reaction.


Hi @kmccartney

That sound great


My name is Adam Sullivan. I am an Assistant Professor at Brown University Department of Biostatistics. I have been an educator for many years Teaching high school math, college math and now Statistics. I work on online education and flipped classroom designs so Course in a Box has been amazing to start and use.


My name is Elaine Stehel and I’m a new Digital Inclusion Fellow at the Salt Lake City Public Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are working on starting a staff pilot of a Learning Circle using the Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills course to teach 10 - 15 of our staff members how to facilitate Learning Circles by participating in a Learning Circle first together.

I plan to facilitate the first (staff) Learning Circle in April, then we hope to promote and implement public pilot Learning Circles at a few of our branch locations in May. We would ideally like to launch 8 simultaneous Learning Circles to be held at each of our branch locations beginning in June, led by the staff facilitators and/or community members who participate in the public pilots in May.

We would like for the 8 June Learning Circles to be tied into our Super Summer Challenge, as a way for adult learners to come together in person to learn & develop new skills!


Hi I’m Felix Arokiya Raj, working as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai, India. I am developing a MOOC on OER. In this regard, I’m designing the syllabus for this 8 weeks programme. I’m very glad to join this community and share ideas. Regards


Hello everyone,

My name is Subhashish. I am researcher and multimedia archivist. I have led community, program design and communications for almost seven years at global organizations like Mozilla, Wikimedia Foundation, and Centre for Internet Society for catalyzing communities to grow the reach of knowledge repositories to masses. I recently revived an old project called OpenSpeaks that I founded in 2014. OpenSpeaks is open by nature and is a collaborative to grow Open Toolkits — Open Source software, Open Educational Resources, and Open Datasets — that anyone can use to make multimedia archive in their native language. I have just created my debut course on creating a digital documentation of any native language. You are most welcome to take it, and fork it, and translate in your language.

I would really love to discuss with you about furthering the idea of creating/aggregating OERs and tools and other resources for others to document their own languages. Look forward to connecting with the amazing folks here.

Founder, OpenSpeaks
Half of the world’s languages are dying. How can we preserve them digitally in an “open” way?


Hi there. my name is Emily Ruth Perry. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right and responding to the correct area… I’m originally from Pittsburgh PA, but I live in North Carolina now. I taught pubic school for 5 years, and now I’m working for me church as the Kids Ministry Director. I’m looking for an avenue to have ongoing interactive trainings with my volunteers. Currently we do one, two-hour annual training for all of our volunteers, but that model doesn’t really work as well as I would like. I’m hoping to be able to build a course that my volunteers can walk through on their own time and/or in small groups so they get more from their time working with our children.


Hi @EmilyRuthVeritas - you are in the right place, welome :slight_smile:

Sounds like what you want to do aligns with what learning circles are, have a look here.