Internet Connectivity - How do You Connect?

Hi @Nico_Koenig @grif @dirk and Community,

I am not sure if I post this here before, but I am, besides facilitating here at the Learning Circles, I have been researching ways to develop an internet connection that does not rely on an ISP to get online. I want to set up a Mesh Network in my community in case of occurrences of the so-called natural disasters.

I knew that Oakland is very much advanced in this area and I have been in contact with them. In one of their forum posts by one of their members refers to allows educators to get an internet connection through their relay network all over the United States and parts of the world.

My question here is;

Can we register Peer2Peer University to their Network?

Here is the site page form for registering. It must be done by a Peer2Peer Staff member.

You can know more about Anyroam here;

Let me know what you guys think about it?