Interesting read about working productively, even if you're smart

Just occured to me that some of what is said in this article overlaps with the “Academic Mindsets” described in the whitepaper from Hewlett foundation that was shared in the community call yesterday.

I think that was a link to the Tech Accounts google doc, and not the interesting read about productivity? (Removed the link)

Yeah, that was really weird! Went to recently closed tabs in Firefox to get to the page again, when I opened it the link in the address bar was the Tech Accounts doc! Must have been a Ctrl-v instead of a Ctrl-c when I copied the link, interesting that firefox kept the pasted link in the address bar after I closed the tab.

Great post. Although it did distract me from other work. Ha! Which is ok, because this was one week of hard productivity. I like the idea of using music to track your productive work time. I can only listen to music without lyrics while working (the lyrics distract me) but I could imagine preparing a long playlist of dub, jazz or classic and then seeing how far I got through it, by the end of the day. Also a good way to listen to more music again.

I find music really helps keep me focused. But like @1L2P lyrics distract me. is awesome for this. They have whole sets of playlists for “working with no lyrics.”

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