Innovation and Creativity, where to start?

So I’m kinda new in this scene of innovation and new technologies, skills we must have for our future and things related to this. So I’m open to discuss about it, meet and talk to people who are also interested on this and to have recommendations on topics and stuffs to read or do.

Hi Davi, welcome here! Where are you coming from?

I’ve seen a lot of talk about “21st-century skills” and “skills for the future” - but I can’t say I have specific ideas to share about it. Have you seen anything that you like or don’t like related to this topic that you can share with the rest of us?

P2PU’s co-founder @1L2P Philipp Schmidt has done a lot of thinking about this issue and may be able to point you towards some good resources. Philipp, any favorite posts to share? He hosts a fair amount on his blog and elsewhere on the web:

Hi Nico,
I’m from Brazil :slight_smile: well, I’ve been hearing pretty well about Diamand’s book Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think. There is a brazilian enterpreuner and comedian called Murillo Gun, who studied at Singularity U in 2015 and is a reference here in terms of Learning Creativity. I took him as a curator, he has some speaches in English and I recommend the search. Also I’ve been learning a lot with the Delloite’s posts on Delloite Insights and their blog.
And last but not least, another thing that I would recommend and is helping me a lot, is getting to know more about the startups ecossistems, how it impact us and how can we be part of it. Google has been my best friend in those researches hahaha

Thank you!!! I’ll check it out for sure! Hope Phillip can share with us some ideas here.