Improving the home page give a better idea of what's going on at P2PU

Hey everyone

As mentioned briefly in yesterdays community call, we need to think a little about how we can make the home page ( reflect whats going on at P2PU better.

@vanessa did some excellent work on this a while back that’s worth a look:

Some of the things we want to change:

I also feel that we need to thing about the call to action on the home page. Currently we’re prompting people to create or find courses. Maybe we need to invite people into the community too?

+1 for inviting people into the community. I think that’s our major ask.

I like the way this feels (they do different things, but you could think of the research projects as courses). Fewer projects, but high quality. And I like the boxes above the research projects that cover what they do.

I like some parts of + the concept behind it. The way they explain the different parts of publiclab is good. I also think the project boxes are good.

Overall I feel a little overwhelmed by the landing page. Maybe that’s just the left column that makes it feel cluttered.

Should we explicitly feature people, courses, lab projects, etc or should we create a general featured item. More or less something like the research project box on publiclab? This can be freeform HTML or maybe a little bit more structured - Image, title, URL + HTML?


@1L2P and I talked about this somewhat during our chat this weekend. While I think the UX research is still very valid, I think the homepage should feel more like the blog.

Important content to feature (in my eyes):

  • Blog posts–last 3. I like the way OKFN does this:
  • Badges–can we pull the “Featured Badges” from
  • Featured courses
  • P2PU Projects: Learning Creative Learning, Data Explorer Mission, Mechanical MOOC
  • Research & Reports
  • Get Involved (join the list, create a course, volunteer, contact us)

What say you, @dirk? I don’t think we need to overthink it, but you’re right to think through how to showcase what’s going on in the greater P2PU universe…

We’re having a good discussion about this in our office hour (using hipchat). You can join the chat room – and maybe the record of our chat? – here > Hipchat P2PU

What do we want to do to the current footer?

I’m sure there’s some stuf that’s not needed and some stuff that should be elsewhere in the footer.

In terms of carrying a set of common navigation items across all of P2PU’s sites - I like the way Mozilla does it. They have a little drop-down navbar that is included on all sites. It doesn’t get in the way, but provides a unified experience.

See the little mozilla in the top right corner:

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