Icebreakers: Energizers!

‘Icebreakers’ can be fun, silly, quick, physically active, or even short stories, that aim to ‘break up’ an icy cold environment. They are perfect activities to introduce as a facilitator when people are feeling tired, if they don’t know each other yet, or if they have been doing a similar activity for too long.

Which icebreakers do you use to energize your group? Reply below!

Here is a list of our favorites (more to be added soon!):

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Hello Nico,
My favourite is where the learners has to sing the song " Concentration is the game keep the rhythm if you can"then they mention their names twice then mention any other member in the class twice and if one can’t,they sit down…it’s fun and always make the learners relaxed.

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Great activity! Here are similar “Concentration” song games:

And instead of names, you can use categories like “animals”:


@grif I heard you’re a fan of Coconut energizer. How does it work? Do you have a video to share?

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Wow! i love this thanks Nico,i shall definitely use this.:+1::+1::clap:

We shall practice it the share with you.

Nico, I think your hips were moving so fast that it would be NSFW to share it. I bet Q would agree with me on that too :slight_smile:


I love the above. Unfortunately i am not able to upload the video but it can be accessed through the above link
It goes like this

“There was a bird
And the bird was on a nest
And the nest was on a branch
And the branch was on a tree
And the tree was on a hill
And the hill was on the ground
And the ground would never be seen”