How should we use Twitter?

@katherine @Qumisha_Goss, Johanna and Evan, I reviewed your flip chart from our Boston about using social media. The clearest suggestion was that we (and anyone who part of P2PU) could be doing a better job at using Twitter, so I tried my best to summarize only those post-its here.

  • Do you have any other suggestions for how P2PU should be using Twitter (and other social media platforms) strategically? Is anyone up for taking the reigns of our Twitter account for a short period to implement some of these ideas?

Important considerations

  • Who is the audience when using twitter?


  • Make a twitter bot to post what learning circles are happening today. Automatically tag the Library and librarian
  • Do a summary tally of learning circles today or by week or month
  • Use #p2pu and #learningcircles
  • Host a twitter chat
  • Connect with Marketing teams who control social media at the library. It could be better to work with a librarian personal account


  • #learning circles may not be catchy enough
  • #learntogether
  • #TIL #TILDPL (Today I Learned at Detroit public library)
  • Hashtag or accomplishment moment for learners to post with.