How should we showcase completed learning circles?

We’ve had some people bring up the issue that we don’t really showcase past learning circles in any way. This is especially relevant for the new team pages, which we have designed to be more like a landing page for potential learning circle participants. If there are no currently active learning circles, nothing shows up.


We want to learn more about how facilitators (i.e. you) would like to showcase completed learning circles.

  • What is the significance of completed learning circles to facilitators vs learners?
  • How would you like to see completed learning circles featured on the team page?
  • What kinds of artifacts do you have after a learning circle? (Notes, photos, recordings?)
  • What information about completed learning circles is relevant/interesting even after they’re over?
  • When/why should we not show completed learning circles?

This discussion comes from feedback originally brought forward by @Gwendolyn_Haley in Spokane.

She identified three cases where we may want to show learning circles that are not open to sign up:

  • Upcoming but not open for registration: Want people to know what’s coming up, even if sign up isn’t open.
  • Happening now but full: Towards the possible goal of creating a wait list.
  • Completed: Celebrating past learning circle success.