How should we organize regional discussions?

I created a regional “Kenya” forum category as @Juliana_Muchai from KNLS recommended. I wondered if there is a better way to organize this space.

Should it be country-specific like it is now? Therefore, Zambia, Uganda would host discussions in separate spaces?

Should it be regional? Eastern Africa? Southern Africa, or, Africa? This would allow people with similar contexts (Zambia and Kenya) to speak about similar issues in the same category.

Should it be organization-specific? KNLS? Lubuto? Community libraries of Uganda?

What do you prefer? @Miriam_Mureithi @purity @Joseck_Kweya @Rebecca_Awayo @Dia_Amy @Catherine_Amia @Besa_Given @Moses_Mumba @PRUDENCE_MUTALE @grif @dirk We can try something out now and change it later.


Hello Nico,
Special thanks to P2PU team once again for creating such a great interactive platform.

I think we should have regional spaces so that we can have a wider coverage for communication and also share best practices. Having each country with its own space is a bit restrictive in a way…

Regional is great.


Perhaps then, we do not create separate discussions for “Uganda” and “Kenya”, but a instead have place to discuss local contexts?

How do you feel about regional “Africa” or Eastern Africa? Right now there are those from Kenya, Uganda and now Zambia running learning circles, and soon in 2019 South Africa I believe.

We could simply also just have a Category that says “Kenya, Zambia, Uganda”

Alright, regional Africa is much better. Since it encompasses all the African countries that are so far carrying out the learning circles.

Hello Nico and Cathy. Regional forums like East Africa would be good. But since we are still only three countries, we can name it “Uganda Kenya Zambia”. When the circle grows bigger, We can then be East Africa.

Hello Nico,

It is good that you have already created a country platform, specifically for Kenya. Since there are only three countries, we could start with each country as some challenges could be specific to a particular country while others would be similar. What i would suggest, if possible, is that facilitators from Zambia could see and react to what other facilitators from the other two countries have posted and vise versa.

As the number of countries implementing the program grows, then a merger can be done per region such as East Africa, South Africa, West Africa and so forth.


Hi Nico,
What a fantastic idea. I propose we call it Africa discussion forum to help us share experiences among the three countries with an aim of expanding the programs to the entire horn of Africa. The Africa We Want is achievable if we start working as a team now. Congratulations to Zambia welcome on board