How is this forum working out for you?

Hi everyone. Remember when we had the School of Open Google Group before this? ( I chatted with some folks recently and we’re considering reviving it. Reason being:

  • the barrier to entry into Discourse seems to be just that… another barrier
  • most of my communications with program leads and other volunteers have been via email, and whenever I want to loop in the SOO community it’s easier to copy them versus remember to post new things here
  • this forum isn’t that active, among SOO folks at least. would group would work better, for SOO program leads at least!

Would like your feedback. Should we go back to Google Group? Should we revive the Google group and do both for now and see where most of the traffic goes to and then fold whichever accordingly?

HI Jane:

Sorry for the delay in replying. For some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t get messages from this forum to go to my inbox rather than my junk mail! I’ve tried everything I can think of, so now I just have to remember to go look in the junk mail. I’ll keep working on it, b/c it’s clearly a problem with my own mail app.

For that reason, the google group worked better, but that’s just because of some technical issue I’m sure I can fix!

Honestly, though, I don’t mind either way. I have no issues with using Discourse, but I can see that some might–it is another thing to get an account on, another thing to learn how to use.

So I’m good either way, really.

Hi Jane,

So, 3 days ago I posted both an intro and an idea for a course my colleagues and I would like to offer in conjunction with The School of Open. So far, there has been no reply to either post, so I am assuming that this forum platform isn’t really doing what you were hoping it would do. Was the Google Group more active? And, do you have a link to the Google Group? If so, I’d like to hop in there and pitch my course idea to the community.


Hi Clint - so sorry for the delay in response. But yes, I guess this is a classic example of why the SOO group might work better for us all…

I just responded to your post however, so we can move forward on that.

The google group is here: - but I haven’t yet communicated out to folks that we’re re-opening it. But how about I go ahead and do that now…