How do we thank P2PU contributors?


With the recent spade of updates for translations we’ve received I thinked a llittle about how we credit people and say thanks.

Can we maybe do something like mail people stickers or make a P2PU contributor/community member shirt? If we do this, how would we decide who to give it to?


One awesome idea, but yeah as far as translation goes I say we reward only good translations.

Besides the t-shirt we can issue a partner badge to them too (partner being p2pu in this case).



I’ve been meaning to get P2PU pencils printed up for ages. We could send those out fairly easily and cheaply.
Swag is one option, but I wonder if, as Erika says, there isn’t something else we can do, which is a motivator. Some kind of elevated status? A badge? The problem with those ideas is that they are very fixed in the “p2pu as a community on a particular platform” mode, wich may not always be appropriate.


Huge fan of the pencils! Also like badges - which should be relatively easy to do…


Another way to do it would be to feature their profiles on the front page of the site. We kinda do this with, but we have yet to implement a curation aspect to feature the best ones.

I’m actually less a fan of merch/swag and more a fan of social capital. I think shining a light on folks we love will encourage them to keep engaging.

We could also do zany, offbeat things. We could make them a thank-you playlist on Spotify where we all contribute one track. We could record our personal thanks on SoundCloud. We could send them a user-generated some(e)card. These are just a few ideas.


I really like the idea of getting creative with how we say thank you rather than having a stock standard way!


I like the music / audio suggestions. Next steps? Who makes sure it happens?


Let’s start here: Name a track or two that is a.) your favorite or b.) is about giving thanks/being thankful.

Then during the community call this week we can “all hands” and each record a message on SoundCloud letting folks know how appreciative we are.

Sound good?


For mine:
The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control
The Go Gos: We Got the Beat
Robyn: Hang with Me


Brenda Lee - Danke Schoen (Because, that’s Thank You in German)
Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Because our contributors are Divine!)


@bekka @dirk @chris @Erika I hear you guys listen to music. What would you put up there?

We should mention on Community Call as well, because I feel like Billy and Jane would have good ideas…


I think we’d have to add some ABBA - Thank You for the Music
And no playlist is complete without a bit of Public Enemy. I’d go with Revolutionary Generation.

PS: my notifications for this tool are up the pole, which is why I’m slow to reply. Sorry, folks.


Peter R. says Natalie Merchant Thank you
Chris says White Stripes 7 Nation Army