How do I Facilitate, How do I Teach

The Facilitator’s Word of Comfort.

What are the obstacles and challenges people face when they are learning?


Not matter what you are doing, everyone now and then experiences fears when they first engage in the process of learning. Many, at some point, will question themselves if they can follow or even start a determinate course. There are this uncertainty, fear and expectation that takes over us at times when we are doing something new and I must say to you that this is perfectly normal.

Do not be discouraged from learning if any of these symptoms arise in your mind. My way of teaching is through empirical ways, I do not teach through fear or pressure. I am not much for giving people tests. I test software, products, services and curriculum.

However, to learn with me you must prove that you want to learn the topics I am sharing with you in real-time. That means, talk the talk, walk the walk and do the things you learned in real life. This is your real test. The questions and answers test, you can build your own if you want to. I can even give you a model of written tests.

By experience, I see lots of people that passed in this type of tests but fail horribly in real life. Later, these people occupy a position of power but are incapable to fix wrong things in their field of work. Worse, they are unable to recognize wrong things on traffic, in the environment, on the situation of safety at work, on policymaking.

As a consequence, we have a society that is run by chaos and chaos end up to hurt people"s wellbeing. It hurts their health, it hurts their life. We all hope to find more conscientious individuals that can discern the rights from the wrongs and fix issues instead of being just obnoxious and passive-aggressive bystanders.

We all have a very short time in this world and we all have a role to play in our home, at work and our communities. Be more than that in your time, and you will be creating happiness and health in the world!

“Life by itself is already a burden, therefore, do things that create happiness and you will be creating health and easing the burden that we all carry in the world.”

Eduardo Bonsi
Learning Circles