How do I create a course? A badge?

So I am trying to create a “Mini-Mooc” here on P2PU. I would like it to function the same way some of the challenges functioned in the Webcraft course. Specifically I would like people who take my course to automatically earn some badges as they go (and earn other badges when peers vote on their work). That said I can’t seem to get there.

The main “Create Course” link on the main page seems quite limited, and while I can add badges to it I do not seem to be able to create any set criteria of how you earn them (beyond a description).

I somehow find an alternative course creator that let me create an alternate type of course (that I can set to challenge!) but does not let me add badges. What am I missing here?

Hi Ryan

A while back we switch from a more complex course model (which you discovered) to a simpler model wich is the default when you create a course now.

Unfortunately the old course model (challenges, course and study groups) haven’t been supported for a while now and we only kept it to support legacy courses. The support to add badges to challenges never got automated and used to be done by hand for the old challenges.

While that is the facts from the technical side of things, I’ll let @vanessa weigh in and give some advice on how you can design your course with the new style badges.

Thanks I will keep an eye out for @vanessa 's reply. Is it still possible to have peers in a course review projects in order for badges to be awarded? (like how it works for many of the Mozilla Webcraft Badges)

@ryanguy I am so dreadfully sorry–I didn’t get this notification. Bad discourse!

You can totally create a badge and embed it in your course. Here’s a bit about how that works:

We also have a “Badgemaker” course to help you design your badge and prompt stellar peer feedback:

Learning happens through working on projects with your peers, iterating on them and sharing what you’ve learned. So we don’t award badges automatically–they are delivered with peer feedback (as you’ll read :smile:)

Best of luck with your awesome course!