How Collaborative Open Maker society Changes Entrepreneurship Education

I’ve been teaching entrepreneurship and business creation for a long time. Things are changing out there and new business model arise both in education (P2PU) and e-ship process.

Classical way for learning is as follows:

idea > market study + SWAT > Business Model and sometimes Business and operations Plan with and awful excel as outcome. Students come to classroom and the subject becomes boring.

Two main changes:

  • For the e-ship process, idea come first but next step is marketing this idea through crowdfunding (kickstarter), if you succeed you get the money in and afterwards manufacturing and delivering. So there is no need for business plan or the like, website is the market study, prototyping is the key point, and this leads me to

  • If we combine e-ship with maker education, wouldn’t it be a better way to go through entrepreneurship? Funding lessons are on crowdfunding, marketing through instructables or Etsy, team includes hundreds such as Osterwalder’s book…

Example of different e-ship models


Great idea!

Would this be education specificly for entrepreneurship or do you mean to learn about making by being an entrepreneur? I think that what you outlined above would be a great hands on way to learn a lot about both making and entrepreneurship.

Hi Dirk,

both. Entrepreneurship cannot be taught or learnt on books and blackboards. Trends were to complete a paper business plan with no product at all. The Business Model and the Lean Startup came in, and BP was released to advanced e-ship subjects, but product was not yet there.

Imagine you begin your subject with “Identify a product on instructables, modify it, build it and try to sell it to 10 people you know”.

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I like this idea. You are building the business plan and submitting it to the world for feedback, not just to your class mates and professors. It’s much higher risk and visibility. And I bet students will work much harder.

There might also be a way to do a soft version of this, where the class together selects 3 of the projects and then builds kickstarter campaigns for the best ones. Would hate to flood kickstarter with lots of student projects that were never intended to go anywhere.

You should do this @perelosantos - How can we help?

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Hi Pere! I’m happy to see you here in P2PU. I totally recommend this platform!

We are definitively interested in your course, and I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate.