Homepage Redesign

We’ve been working on a refresh of the P2PU homepage (you can find a draft on) http://p2pu.github.io/p2pu-website/

@bekka + @dirk + @Erika + @Carl + @1L2P and I did a sprint earlier this summer to put together a new navigation, new people page, new brag sheet / media kit and a new front page design.

I was eager to help Erika map out the content for the homepage with the following design principles. Looking forward to your comments.

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This is great, folks - well done.
Is there stills cope for comments to the text, or are we beyond that?

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Have at the copy, @bekka I would just ask that we move this forward.

I know @Erika was going to spec out when she wanted to launch the new site on Trello (mebbe for this Tuesday’s project call pleasey?)

Looks slick, very nice.

overall design and direction look great. i also like that we are getting better at showcasing the expertise and experience we have (although the term “brag sheet” rubs me the wrong way).

is there anything specific we can do to help at this point?

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@vanessa this a great boost that I needed, I am getting some ideas on putting your wireframes to the landing page. Will ask for feedback when I have it implemented…

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Hey everyone, the design looks great!
Sorry about my absence lately - although I didn’t post much, I’ve been reading and following the news via e-mail :wink: Happy to see the evolutions in the design foundations of P2PU.

Fell free to ping if I can help with analysis, review or anything in between.

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Really pleased to see where you’ve been going! This language “Here’s what we can do with you” is fantastic, and +1 to liking your new direction and showcasing your strategies.

What’s your timeline? I’m eager to share :wink:

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Thanks Laura. Believe @Erika spec’d out a September 1 2014 launch :smile:

@vanessa - this is stellar!

I know learners are not our primary audience, but should we have something for them on our homepage? Something along the lines of “people in the community are running lots of interesting learning experiences and you may be interested in some of them”?

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The changes are now reflected on the homepage!! Well done @Erika and team!

Featuring a few examples further up on the page would let us showcase what we do (rather than telling people what we do, we show them) … and it would be attractive for learners who might want to sign up.

It’s a balance, because we have two audiences. Learners are more likely to spread the word about P2PU.

@dirk and I were talking about the two aspect for a while and decided that the next iteration of the redesign, will involve the showcases that you speak of…

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Hey @Erika, the ‘Donate’ link doesn’t seem to be working everywhere. Can we move it to a dedicated page so that we don’t need to load special JavaScript on every page that displays the link?

Agreed!Will work on this on Monday.

thanks, Erika

Hey @dirk I have sent a pull request for this, can you check it out.

Thanks! I merged and updated the link to the footer and on the forum header. Any other places where we should fix the link?

ps. doesn’t seem like we’ve had any more donation since we’ve added button on the home page