Help with legal frameworks for collective organizations

The founder of this organization became an Ashoka fellow.

Since we are currently discussing the pros and cons of more decentralized decision-making and governance, it might be good to pull her, or someone from her team, into the discussion at some point. On the site, I didn’t see resources for virtual organizations like ours - the more traditional collective model often has some shared ownership of physical resources (food, land, etc.).

I’m just parking this here for now, as something we can return to when the time is right.

One of their resources, “Think outside the Boss”

Download from this page:

That’s very nifty (and impressively detailed). Could be awesome to have someone like that come along, and speak sooner rather than later. Could be done on a community call or an internal management call, depending on how much of her time P2PU alone wants to (is luck enough to!) monopolise :)…

These are wonderful - and could form the basis of a pretty powerful social innovation course…
@1L2P could you make initial introductions? One Ashoka fellow to another?

I just sent her a tweet. If that doesn’t work, I’ll ask Ashoka to intro me. I think she’d be an interesting person to consider for the org/board consultant (or someone from her team).