Global Learning XPRIZE for Open Source Solution to Education in Developing Countries

This sounds perfect for SOO Africa – though we would have to set up lots more infrastructure than we have currently. FYI:

This morning the Los Angeles-based XPRIZE is announcing a $15 Million Global Learning XPRIZE. The five year competition will challenge experts and leaders in science and technology to develop open source, scalable software to help children in developing countries learn.

It will be used to create a global community of advocates, developers, designers, and more, to support and encourage teams to collaborate around common problems and build compelling, innovative technologies, and to field-test these technologies with more kids in more villages and countries.

Those top teams will then be awarded $1 million to deploy their solutions in the field for 18 months across at least 100 villages in developing countries where English is a primary language, aiming to reach about 4,000 children. The software solutions will most likely land in areas of Africa and Asia like Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh and India, where enrollment in education is high, but literacy and access for girls is low, Keller said.

This does look great and I’ve got a number of potentials we could partners with to support the missing pieces.

Awesome Kelsey – we might be exploring something at HQ around this soon. When we do, I’ll pull you + Delia, Matt, and other affiliates who’ve been working in this space. :smile: