Getting to Know Chinese with Food

My name is Ming Ma, a master student in Learning, Design and Technology. I have been studied in this area for 5 years, my career goal is to creating fun in education with design and technology. Because I always felt so struggling in school in my childhood. I am trying to figure out what the future of education. MOOC is definitely one of the most disruptive educational intervention nowadays. However, unlike traditional MOOC’s disengaged feeling, I think P2PU is a great place to start up. I am very glad I can join the learning communities with other fantastic educators.

I am planning to open a course called Getting to Know Chinese with FOOD! The motivation why I want to open this course is I found that most of Chinese restaurants in the U.S. don’t provide traditional Chinese dishes. Even some of them provide the dishes, none of them give the further explanation behind the dishes. Chinese, as the most difficult language to learn on earth, can be taught in a more simple, easy, fun way by evolving great Chinese food.

Hopefully some of you can work with me together, share design and learning experience, and mostly importantly, improve research skill together!