Feminist Pedagogy == Peer Learning

Loving the questioning of power in online learning that’s happening within the feminist communities. FemTechNet, an organization out of the New School, is sponsoring a course on Feminism and Technology that can be taken for credit at 17 institutions.

“A DOCC is different from a MOOC in that it doesn’t deliver a centralized singular syllabus to all the participants. Rather it organizes around a central topic,” Balsamo said. “It recognizes that, based on deep feminist pedagogical commitments, expertise is distributed throughout all the participants in a learning activity,” and does not just reside with one or two individuals.

Check out the rad graphic:

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/08/19/feminist-professors-create-alternative-moocs#ixzz2pjhZYJx6



I cringe when I see things like this labeled as feminist. It’s just plain GOOD FOR HUMANS, so what do you think-- could we please call it humanist-- where human means humans of all types, shapes, colors, configurations, and orientations?

Feminism and its ideals still have a very important role in today’s society, but I prefer to use more inclusive language. “Feminism” really cannot live up to the inclusivity standard that we should try to achieve in learning environments.

I also love debate: What say you?