Examples of learning circle promotional videos

P2PU has developed a number of videos which you can see by searching this forum, some of which are also posted on our youtube page.

Additionally, you might consider making your own video as a way to promote or speak about learning circles. Here are a few videos developed by some of our partners:



Let us know if you have your own to share!

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This is very timely! I attended a webinar last week from +Acumen on their evolution and soon to be launched rebranding as Acumen Academy.

There were several people interested in forming local cohorts to complete existing and upcoming Acumen online courses and I promised to send them some info re P2PU - the videos are perfect!

I had never seen Wichita’s video before, featuring @SaraDixon!

(Sara, don’t get mad at me, I didn’t choose that you would be mid-word in the video thumbnail :upside_down_face:)

What I really like about this video:

  • They answer “what is a learning circle?” and “why should I care?” succinctly and clearly.
  • I get to meet two friendly librarians and hear things in their words.
  • They take the opportunity to talk about other library services (such as the new branch) in the context of learning circles. I’d say they kill two birds with one stone, but Sara is vegan. (@Daniel_Hensley, do you know a more animal-friendly idiom?)
  • There is a clear ask of viewers – go to our site and tell us what you want to learn.



@grif “Feed two birds with one scone.” :+1:

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This is really good! I’m working on a video and this helps a lot.

well, I am going to start using that one just about as often as I can…