Evernote for P2PU-related media

Hey folks

I’ve been exploring alternative options to our Diigo media aggregator, and after some research, seems like Evernote is a good move to make.
I’ve set up an account for us ( login details are in the tech accounts pad) and am in the process of transferring stuff over - which is a bit of heavy lifting, but should be done soon.
In the meantime, please log any media you come across in there - don’t worry about tags and stuff, I can always check in and update those.



We were using diigo? Are the things bookmarked there shared somewhere?

Thanks Bekka.

How do we log media in Evernote? How does it work?

I already have an evernote account. Is there a way for me to post into p2pu media from my account, or do I need to log-out and log-in as P2PU first?


We were!
And they are: https://groups.diigo.com/group/p2pu_discuss

But it feels like too static a tool. So we thought we’d give Evernote a shot…

@1L2P: Yes, you can! You can’t do it from the web interface, but you can do it from the application.
If you let me know what email address you signed up with, I can share the notebooks with you. I’ve also created public links, so all the notes are public anyway.

For all of us to log media, we have to have the app on our desktops, and then sign in to the P2PU account, and log whatever we find.
I’m still figuring out if we can batch edit tags, but for the meantime I’m happy to keep the tags updated.

One way around the logging in and out is to upgrade to a premium account, which allows foreasier collaboration. That’s about $35 per year. I’ve mailed them to see of there is a non-profit discount, and I’ll check on Techsoup too.

I’m working on a how-to (it took me a while to get used to evernote when i first started with it) but it’s a great tool.
Also, there is this: http://evernote.com/food/

The public link for out notebook (so anyone can join and add to it) is:

I’ve added it to the Tech Accounts pad as well…