Error when i try to upload a badge to my course


I am trying to upload a badge created in P2PU but when i paste the url it appears the next error:

“Error! We could not retrieve this Badge”

I tried to “publish” course but i have too another error… I dont know what i do wrong


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Hi @vanessa I’m a new user and am also having a problem adding a badge to my course. I created the badge and published it. I’m not sure what I should use as the URL for this badge on the course “badges and feedback tab”. - Update I found the Badge Maker course and verified I’m suing the correct link format.

I am copying the URL of the page I see from =>

When I click the “Add badge” button on my course, I get an Internal Server error message and the badge is not added.

I’ve looked a the share and embed links and neither of them gave me an idea of the URL format that should be used. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.?