Encouraging inactive badge makers to award badges

I came again across this one http://badges.p2pu.org/en/badge/view/189/ (this is just an example, there is more than this badge) and noticed there is a great deal of projects that are submitted for this badge, but apparently the badge owner is not actively reviewing the projects.

I was wondering how we could encourage them to give feedback and if project meets their ask, to award them as well?

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It happened to me!
I submitted this project
and never received feedback.

Maybe it should be possible for anyone (not only experts) to offer feedback to those projects that have been waiting for more than 3 months.

Yes I agree, the badge should transfer to a pool of unclaimed badges after a while, this free to be awarded by the community to the projects that they were submitted…

You are having a swell idea as well, to enable everyone to give feedback after a while. Maybe this should be possible for all the badges not only the inactive ones, to make a discussion around a badge…

There are two things going on here, getting people to give feedback and notification aren’t working! I had an outstanding badge that I needed to review and I know I never got a notification about it! We need to make sure that notification are working 100%.

The way we thought about badges.p2pu.org, a badge only has value if it has a community behind it. If the community is inactive the badge becomes worth less. Knowing that a badge is inactive before submitting a project would be useful. Although most badges on badges.p2pu.org are coupled to a specific course and not just general skill badges.

You should only have trouble once the whole community of experts is not participating. Do they know that they can all give feedback and award badges? Does all of them receive a notification when a project gets submitted?

One thing I’m missing is the sense of community amongst all the badge experts. How could we improve that?

@bekka could you please have a look at this project?