Editing a Current Learning Circle Link

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Hello @Nico_Koenig,

I reported this before but perhaps it was overlooked somehow. I am trying to change the link on the recent created Learning Circle, " Build Your Own Mac OS X Client Home Server - Open Source Software" located at,

Build Your Own Mac OS X Client Home Server - Open Source Software

On using the editing link to change the main link of the Course, I am running into an error in the p2pu.org software.

On clicking on editing, a dialog message box appears saying:
"There is no course with the ID 529."


Then following towards [Step 4: Customize],

…and going on to change the link of the Course to;

…and following towards [step 5. Finalize], this error message dialog box pops out,

"There was a problem saving your learning circle. Please check the error messages in the form and make the necessary changes."


How can we correct that?

Ps: I think the data base programing on the Learning Circles should be a little more flexible allowing us to re-edit and re-use the work. Isn’t that one of the main concepts of the OER? "Use and Re-Use"

Hi Eduardo,

I think the problem might have come from our side when we unlisted your course. Can you try again to “edit” the course through your dashboard? Under “My Courses” https://learningcircles.p2pu.org/en/

I also changed the course to the right link manually, but from now on, you should be able to edit the course information as you added it yourself.

Let me know if that works,


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Fantastic! I am doing as a I am reading this post! I liked the fact that is preserving the original data of the Learning Circle and allowing me to edit the other fields. Wow! Thanks Nico!