Discourse reaches 1.0

Discourse finally reached the magic version number: http://blog.discourse.org/2014/08/introducing-discourse-1-0/

Interesting to note is that they also now offer a hosted option. A bit pricey though, I don’t see the average joe dishing out $100 per month.

Any case, congratulations discourse!

ps. Now we need to find a new piece of beta software to play with :slight_smile: Just kidding, I’m very happy that discourse is supposed to be more stable now, it was already quite good until now.

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BOOM @Dirk!

Think this whole situation is ripe for a report: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-for-learning-communities-ux-recs-ideas/14837

@bekka if you craft and outline and some deliverables/due dates, I’m sure @laura and I could put our heads together.

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A whole report on discourse is a little narrow in scope, maybe we can aim at something like “facilitating conversations in online learning communities” and include lessons learned from prior experiments with comments in Lernanta, email groups in the Mechanical MOOC and Disqus?

Disagree–we’ve used it in 3 projects now, which is pretty macro.

A lot of what we’ve done with Discourse is a culmination of what we’ve learned from using the other tools first.

What are the specific things about using Discourse that you would want to include in the report?