Discourse Domain Name


We’re going to want to move this to a better domain name.

Not sure if I like discuss.p2pu.org or discourse.p2pu.org better. Thoughts?


How about community.p2pu.org? (If not, then I prefer discourse.p2pu.org over discuss.p2pu.org)


discourse is quite associated with the product, besides there had been many occasions when we said discuss instead of discourse. community.p2pu.org is quite good, maybe something towards this type of name (community, talk, …)


Golf course?
okay - weird, I couldn’t post a 2-word response. Had to add more words. Is that an anti-spam thing?


talk.p2pu.org is my vote. It’s short and a verb!


I like it!

Let’s persuade Philipp, Bekka and Vanessa that talk.p2pu.org is way cool (I think we shouldn’t have our hands full with it, bcs it’s a cool idea all to itself) :smile:


talk is cheap (as /they/ say). how about a place rather -> clubhouse? cafeteria? basement? - i think of this as a “place” where we hangs out and engage in discourse. i don’t see an advantage in choosing a verb.


Another idea. This may not be so exciting, but maybe it is more accurate -> meta.p2pu.org - because in fact, that is what we are discussing here. This is not the overall community (or a space for everyone). It’s for discussing P2PU and what we do.


What about a drink - like coffee or beer?


If we mention a drink like beer is should be free! free-beer.p2pu.org!


It sounds like a promise… Now I want free beer.


Let’s re-open this topic. We just created School of Open and it looks awkward under this domain name:


Suggestions, or votes please >


My vote goes to community. It’s a goal we can aim for.


+1 ‘community’.

I favor a solution that’s intuitive to modern web-user so vote ‘talk’ or ‘community’ over anything further from ‘forum’. There’s a time and a place for terminology reinvention but I believe domain names (where you want instant recognition of the context for new users) isn’t one of them.


I can’t remember the conversation we had when we decided on thepeople.p2pu.org, why didn’t we go with community.p2pu.org? I don’t mind moving it to community.p2pu.org, but speaking as a lazy sysadmin, we only get to change it once, thereafter I’ll be too lazy :smile:


Adding @Erika @vanessa @bekka explicitly …

@dirk - After you’ve done it once, it’ll be much easier in the future :wink:


I seem to remember that it had something to do with a discussion about who the community were - and that there was a distinction between community-as-in-people-taking-courses and community-as-in-people-we-want-to-talk-with. And an attempt to recreate the vibe of the original gang list.

None of which is a particularly good reason not to change the name, if you ask me…


“Community” is the convention our other courses use–PWYM, TTW etc. Seems to work well there?


TTW went with http://discourse.webmakerprototypes.org.

This should be a separate discussion, but relevant ito choosing a domain name. I think we need a dedicated discourse setup for course related discussions. What should we call that?

EDIT: my leaky brain forgot about this: Should we have a separate Discourse for course discussions?


No one seems particularly attached to ‘thepeople’ and everyone seems to like ‘community’

That’s what we are so… +1 community

@dirk I think we chose thepeople over things like talk.p2pu to make it more about people


Ok, so unless someone makes a compelling case to not move thepeople to community I’ll make the changes in a day or two from now.