Data from the Mechanical MOOC

I’m busy dumping some data for the last few MOOCs we’ve ran and writing up some notes from a data perspective. I’ve only updated the info for sequence 5 of the “Gentle Introduction to Python”.

I would love to get some feedback from @vanessa @ahnjune and @thiemehennis on this document. Does that seem like enough data to answer the questions? Does the questions seem right? Do we need to add more context?

A friend of mine in interested in studying moocs for her master thesis. As we are currently working on an online course,

it seemed natural to collaborate.

I pointed her to this forum and I would love to know which data is available for researchers interested in p2pu.


Hey @jaumebarcelo. We are working on a data release that would be available soon for anyone to use. The data includes a subset of the data for courses running on In the not too far future we wish to include the data for the and with that.

In general we prefer working closely with a researcher rather than just dumping lots of data on them. @vanessa and @bekka are the right people to talk with about that.

Great! Thanks a lot! I will point my friend to this post so that she contact the right people.

We want to compare two groups of participants: one of users registered in a regular university course and another group open to everyone. We want to gather data and write a master thesis about the study.

We are considering the option of installing an instance of your mechanical mooc software. We would like to know if the platform has built-in tools to track the behaviour of the users. Also whether it is possible to identfiy each user individually, to differentiate the behaviour of the two groups.

We will contact @vanessa and @bekka as you recommended 8-D

Hi @jaumebarcelo: all the documentation to get started is here:

You can poke around mailgun for help finding the stats you are looking for :smile:

Thanks to @dirk for the tasty documentation.

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The behavior that is currently being tracked is only opens and clicks of the emails being sent out. This data is kept on a per user level, so you can identified who opened the email and who clicked a link. I suspect that you would want to track more than just that for behavior?

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