Data Explorer Mission: Project Plan

Hi all,

We plan to run a larger iteration of the Data Explorer Mission this fall. Anders, Anna and I have been working together on a top-level project plan for this project, and will be working on it in more detail August 4-5 at our MOOC meeting.

I wanted to share the plan with the community for feedback and ideas.

I’ve copied the project plan below, but please feel free to comment here.

Project Name: Data Explorer Mission

Responsible: Vanessa
Accountable: Philipp and Rufus
Consulted: Anders, Neil, Lucy, Anna
Informed: P2PU Community, School of Data Community

Trello board:
Budget: TBA

Project Team & Roles (who does what)

Vanessa: Project Manager
Niel: Content Development and Subject Matter Expert
Anna Sarkoyan: Content Development and Peer Learning Consultant
Anders: Community Outreach & Publicity Plan
Dirk: Tech Lead & Implementation

Milestones (dates & deliverables)

  • 5 August 2013: Project Plan Complete
    Content Development
    Topic and associated resources–TBD
    Signup flow / landing page
    Group by time available
    Group by area of interest
    Peer onboarding
    Social feature spec
    Content revision
    Meet with an Expert
    Integrate OKFN Q & A
    Troubleshooting: how to help groups that aren’t working
    Publicity plan
    Community plan
    What happens after the Data Explorer Mission? Where do we want people to go?
    Recruitment to P2PU and SCODA
    Tech feature plan
  • 15 September 2013: Open for Signup
  • 1 October 2013: Course begins (6 weeks–tentative)

Next step(s)

Anders: tentative recruitment and community plan & thinking about potential topics
Niel & Anna: revisions to content on Google doc (including topic)
Vanessa: wireframe out social features, peer onboarding, manage Trello board, signup flow
MOOC Meeting: develop the Trello board and assign roles and deliverables


Anders on vacation: Sep 19-Sept 29

Hi there, over the Boston meeting, Anders and I worked out a plan for the next Data Explorer Mission–let us know what your thoughts are: