Creating a new "Open" category

To discuss all things related to open aspect of P2PU, but also as pertains to School of Open. What do you guys think? I’m toying with the idea of starting to send newbies to SOO to discourse, adding a tab “Discussion” or “Community” at

@jane - I like the idea. Would the category be for discussions similar to what is happening on the School of Open mailing list or would it be for people taking School of Open courses?

I envision it more for SOO volunteers. If discourse were ever used for
courses, I imagine it to have a tag specific to that course since each
course has such a different focus (and is run more than once).

But not sure if discourse would replace SOO list altogether at this point.
Reality is that people check their email, but not everyone will check
Discourse or participate. But I think it would be good to try both for a
while to see if it gains any steam, esp with newbies!

can someone who has access create an “Open” category so we can try it?

Sent this to @vanessa, then realized this would be a good discussion to have here.

"…But I was also thinking about why we have a School of Open in the first place – to actively focus on the domain of openness and how it applies to various sectors. Though everything at P2PU is done openly, it isn’t always thought about in this meta way, such as when discussing how open something is, or open licensing, definitions of open, why something should be open, etc., as applied to tech, learning methods, the org governance, etc.

Rather than just duplicating a SOO google group in discourse, which I don’t think will be successful since we already have one that serves the function of a email list discussion sufficiently, I thought if we created an “Open” category, it would start a new space for people to discuss “open” as related to org activities (further pulling them into the P2PU community, so SOO is not so much of a silo) as well as “open” related to activities people are doing in their regions around the world via SOO."

What do others think? Category “Open” versus one for “School of Open”?

Hey @jane - I created the category, grouped it under org for now, not sure if it should be top level or under org?

There is a separate discussion about this topic. We ended up making it a top-level category called School of Open.