Creating a course toolkit/guide


@bekka, @vanessa During last weeks community call someone mentioned creating a course toolkit. Maybe we just need to update the create a course course? Maybe also move it to the new course UX?

What do you think?


We have 2 legacy toolkits: - which is basically the toolkit turned into a course, and the original, which is sitting on our wiki:

I think there is a lot of valuable stuff in here, but it will be a task to pull the good content from a lot of the “How to” which is kind of platform-specific.

@vanessa - d’ya fancy sitting “together” and going through these?


Indeed. It’s on the docket to do this week.


Hey @bekka this slipped through the cracks, do you want to meet on this Thursday?


Yes - that would be awesome. Can do morning Berlin/London, or post-community call.


All set:

  • Now in the new UX!
  • Starting point has a primer on what peer learning “is”
  • Recent examples from the Community
  • Includes directions on our new Badge platform
  • Tips and tricks on using markdown, images
  • Tips and tricks on Introductions, Facilitation and using the new interface


Hey guys - I posted this in mailing list but no feedback. Hopefully this will get some feedback on Discourse.

I pulled from the docket @bekka mentioned, plus some additional pages and produced: Would love peoples feedback, and if it’s good to go, so I can move the task to Done!