Course vs Learning experience

I read this post by @1l2p and it made me wonder about the difference between a learning experience and a course.

Traditionally course are more or less linear with a clear beginning and end. Does something project oriented with multiple pathways still qualify as a course or is that what you would call a learning experience?

@1l2p what is the difference between a course and a learning experience in your opinion.

Everything is a learning experience. When you do anything (for example writing a blog post) you do it at a certain level of skill or expertise. And hopefully you get better at it over time. I think you are always learning. You might be bad at it, or really bad, but you get better over time. I prefer thinking about it that way than saying, now I am learning something, and now I am doing something.

A course is an artificial space that supposedly makes it easier to learn. I think we should add learning support into the world, rather than separate the idea of learning from the real world.

I’m waffling a bit so I’ll stop here …