Copyright 4 Educators (Aus) feedback from course participants!

“Many thanks Jessica and team!!

It’s been a great course and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve been really impressed by the quality of the course and the diligence of my team!

I can’t thank you all enough!

Not only have I learnt what I needed to know about copyright from this course, but it has also been a great example of how to facilitate student-directed learning and group work online. Of course, success has depended somewhat on the group members, and I was very lucky to have such a diligent group, but good course design and facilitation meant we had everything we needed to work together smoothly and learn effectively. Your instructions were always clear and easy to follow, the activities were well designed, and the amount of work was enough to be challenging but not so much to become overwhelming. The activity answers our group wrote and the feedback we received on them will make a really useful quick reference resource to keep on my desk at work. And I feel confident to navigate the SmartCopying website for any further information I may need in the future. I’ve already started putting my new knowledge into practice at work, and feel much more confident that I’m doing the right thing.

I have no idea how you managed to do all this for free! But I’m very glad you did :-)”

“I have been very involved in copyright prior to doing the course and thoroughly enjoyed the course and working with a group. I think it is an excellent way to learn.

May thanks to you and others involved in presenting the course.”

“To Jessica, Delta and P2PU personnel,
Thank you for all for your efforts, encouragement, flexibility and empathy.
I actually undertook another MOOC at the same time (Bad idea in retrospect [major Australian University…] ) and all I can say is P2PU beat it by the proverbial country mile…

Many thanks to Lorraine, Liz and Lindy for the past few weeks.
It has been a steep learning curve and the insights, acumen and professionalism of the three of you have helped me greatly. Thank you team.”

“I’m so sorry I missed the last week as I was really enjoying it and learning a lot and I loved my team mates as they were so knowledgeable and easy to collaborate with.

It was a really well run course and I commend you and your colleagues for its structure, presentation and support.”

“Thanks Jessica, I really found the course worthwhile.

Thank you too for your individual emails and support. I will certainly recommend some of my work colleagues do this course to as a matter of getting up to date with such an important area of resource selection and collation.”

“Thank you very much for the certificate of completion and the support during the course, the facilitator feedback (which we found very informative) and the assistance throughout, particularly given our team had a member drop out and another member had a devastating family event unfold.

I’ve already been able to apply some of the knowledge built through the course as, in my role, I’ve managed enquiries from PhD students and the like needing to know their copyright requirements for material in their theses (which we keep a copy in our closed system and one that is published online) as well as managing some of the material we have had on our website for student use.

Thanks again and hope all goes well with the next session you guys run.”


This is wonderful feedback, Jess. Thanks for sharing.
And, of course, mad respect to you for pulling this off again.

Here’s to the librarians…

Thanks Bekka. To the librarians indeed!