Cool videos (cause every discussion board needs this topic)

Here is a cracker to start us of with ->

What is a new form of “jazz” :smile:

Here is my theme song ->

Yes you can … Yes you can …

I am puzzled why nobody else is replying on this - clearly the most important - thread of this discussion forum …

Sorry, didn’t know if you wanted to see surf videos :smiley:

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Or maybe something about Afrikaburn?

This is what I imagine when you say you went for a surf…

I wanna do that too!!!

This you definately don’t want to do!!!

This videos is amazing! He makes some very good points in the video! I’m linking to the time, but watch the whole thing:

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That is something for the Pearl developers (looking at @1L2P).
It is a nice video, quite inspirational.
Behind every open… stands good loving community … it’s just how it is!