Connecting learners to the bigger picture

@Donya_Drummond I saw your plan to show stats from the P2PU newsletter during your next LC so “participants can see the bigger picture and where they fit in that picture”.

I love that idea. Let us know how it went and what the reaction was.

Hi Nico, Well it was sort of uneventful. I showed them the stats but no one said anything. I thought it was good news. :smile:

Still, good to try! I think there’s a bigger story that we’ve all been told, that there are only certain organizations or people who can teach. It’s hard to counter act that idea, but it starts with recognizing that we our own experience has value. Ideally, showing others how we are helping each other learn together outside of that bigger structure still holds weight.

I wonder if there would be more of an interest if you pointed out that other people were learning a similar topic?