Completing a Course

Hi everyone,

I have a silly question about courses. I see that I can start a course using the “Start Course” button found underneath the content listing in the left-hand column. However, once I have gone through all of the content, and completed all of the exercises, how do I tell the system that I am complete with the course? Or is this something done by the course creator upon review of my completed tasks?

I understand that earning a Badge for the course could indicate completion of that course, however, on my Profile page it would continue to show that I am participating in the course which I have already completed. Or am I missing something?


Hi Ralfe,
I think that hope here would be, that you still participate in a mentorship kind of way.

Hi @Erika,

Thanks for the response. I understand, and think that would be the ideal situation; where those who have completed the course move into a mentor role. However, it would be nice for there to be some kind of symbolic reinforcement of that role shift in the interface. Otherwise, it feels to me like the lack of closure precludes one from acquiring a mentorship mindset.

When one achieves a badge, they are then listed as an expert. This is what I mean by “symbolic reinforcement”. Seeing one’s name in that list symbolically allows the person to shift the view of themself from student to teacher. So, perhaps something similar could be implemented with courses, to better promote the idea of mentorship. Perhaps not calling such ones “Experts”, but rather “Course Mentors”.

Anyway, it is just an idea.

Kind Regards,

Hey @ralfe

About a year ago we redisigned our courses somewhat. It used to work in a way similar to what you are describing. We decided to not do that again. Courses are all different and that we don’t want to enforce a single model. We also abandoned the idea of running a course without the involvement of an organizer.

One way to achieve what you want with the current courses would be to ask the course organizer to make you an organizer of the course.

Hi @dirk,

Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense, and the point about making others an organizer does provide a solution. Thanks.