Community digest (October 2018)

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Problem being addressed

For 18 months, Nico has sent out community digest, with features a sample of data from the community, some highlighted discussions, upcoming events, and statistics about the learning circle project. This is very time intensive, and we do not think it is as effective as it can be, given the amount of high-quality feedback we are getting from learners and facilitators.

Extra considerations

  • This will be sent to all users with P2PU account; so the idea is to not just reach the most active facilitators, but also present a useful update to the wider community and help draw them in.
  • We are developing learning circle reports and we already have organizer updates that go out to colleagues who run learning circles at large library systems. This new digest should utilize shared components from those features.
  • This should be easily rendered for display within email, with ability to show on web (and possibly dashboard) as well.
  • Expected tempo for messages is every 2-4 weeks.
  • It’s easier to delete info that manually add it; aim for gathering the most possible data and leave it to Nico (or whoever sends the email) to cull.
  • It’s conceivable that we would like to be able to display digest across various time frames (such as for annual report) or across various teams (for grant reporting).
  • Consider ways this might be cross-posted on Discourse.

User research

Present mockup in community call; explicitly ask for feedback during the first few rounds.

Proposed solution

  • Every 2-3 weeks, automatically aggregate data into a pre-set template, and send it to team in this draft form.
  • Render charts as images by uploading to AWS, and then linking to these images from digest.
  • Team scans digest for accuracy/spam, adds manual feedback to ‘upcoming events’ or ‘news’ section at the top.
  • Team forwards on to facilitator mailing list.
  • Also, build interface from staff dash for generating custom digests (across time and teams)