Community Call Invitees

I’m making a list of people to invite to upcoming community calls, to chat about what they’re doing, let us shower them with public love, or see where certain projects are at. Feel free to add names to the list!

Marieke Guy - OKFN’s Open Ed person, and co-ordinator for the LinkedUp projects
June Ahn - an update on the regular research discussions
Thieme Hennis
Unhangout team
Course organisers (for some public love and to tell us about their experiences)

This looks like a good start. Let’s also add internal topics and discussion:

  • How to track and share P2PU media
  • Music MOOC Overview / Launch
  • P2PU Strategy (before Oct/18) and after board meeting (Oct/18)
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Alex and Ethan are truly excellent folks, and I can’t wait to have them on our community call.

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I definitely would love to be a part of the community calls, but Thu’s are generally tough for me this semester; for some reason all of my meetings on on Thu right now. But I could schedule to attend some with advance notice, maybe periodically to fill in with our progress on the P2PU data and any research activities we’re doing here at UMD (actually lots of news there). Let me know some advance dates and I’ll try to move my schedule around.

Hey June

Totally understood -you’re a busy guy.
How would any of the following dates suit you:
31 October
7 November
14 November
21 November
28 November
We can set any of those calls as a “Notes from the Lab” research report session.

Doh. I just saw this reply, sorry Bekka. Nov 28th is probably my best day (but that’s Thanksgiving). Can I jump in the first week of Dec (12/5)?? My semester is just about done by then, so I should be more flexible!