Community Call - 9 January 2014

The first call of the year!
Be there or be, ummm, square?

It’s all happening here:

We had a great call today - @vanessa, @Carl and @1L2P, you were missed (as was everyone else!)
But you can image you were there by watching the video here

Highlights include @ahnjune’s wall, and @Erika’s Christmas tree…


I watched the video of the Google Hangout… It felt a bit weird, like a strange voyeur-esque experience… Anyway, I noticed you guys were talking about referencing websites in an academic paper. As was mentioned, there are a number of conventions. Here is a very nice summary of one such standard for referencing digital resources in academic papers:


@ralfe - you should join us next time!

Hey @ralfe, that link seems funky - it keeps on adding a sessionKey variable to the end of the URL and then reloads.

Hi @dirk,

Sorry, not sure why that is happening. It seems that if you just go to their homepage ( and click on “Websites” at the bottom under “Quick Answers - References”, then it works fine.