Community Call - 31 October

Don’t forget this week’s call - we have a LOT of stuff to report back on, including Mozfest, the OER mapping event, Music MOOCS and more.
We’re also gonna get meta and talk about the Community Call itself.

We’ll be using the hackpad below, so see you there!

P2PU Community Call
Locked to US Pacific time 8am. Please do not change the time to adjust for daylight savings!!!
We’re using Google hangout for this call. Please see the pad for details of how to join.

Thu Oct 31, 2013 3pm – 4pm London

I’ll be at Open Government Partnership in London and might not be able to join. But I’ll catch up on the notes and video.

Hi guys, I meant to join the call today but couldn’t make it in the end. Just wanted to let you know that we are starting unofficial MIT 6.s198 this week, kicking it off with a hangout on Saturday. There’s still quite a lot to do before Saturday, but we’ll get there somehow!

@jos How is this course going?

Hey! it’s really quiet; the signup task is rather involved, and the requirements are rather high level, so not expecting a lot of people coming our way.

Still, have you given any thought of how to put a bit of “marketing” out for it?

Not really, but only because we are in the middle of main projects for the MIT course: 22 projects going on right now!
We wouldn’t have the bandwidth to deal with anything else, which is something I didn’t anticipate.
But it’s a good idea nonetheless!!! :slight_smile:

I am mentioning this, because I took a look at the course, and I find it very interesting. Now maybe the “geek” in me is thinking, but I would bet there is a huge audience out there who would benefit from it.

I totally hear you about not having bandwidth for anything with the “crazy schedule”, and I understand that one has to pick priorities and if this is not something that would have a super importance to you (to have a larger audience, I mean) than it is OK as is.

Truthfully I was asking, bcs the other day we were talking about how to “market” this kind of content better for everyone. I would think a better indexing and cache would help a lot as well as better search and showcasing of featured courses. But that is the whole system, as far as one course goes, I think the best option is to get “advertised” on some prominent high traffic site.

I totally agree with you; the course is very interesting and getting more traffic would be very beneficial; in a month the course will be completed at MIT and I should have more time for the online version. Would be great to discuss more about how the ‘market’ it better!

We could have a bit of a brainstorming session on Community call sometime. I know @vanessa was doing a lot of thinking about this thing before the #PWYM MOOC got out.

I think essentially we would need someone who is a bit of an expert to help us out with this. Because there is a lot of great content, and it is a shame that it would not get the proper attention.