Community call - 27 March

As @bekka posted elsewhere:

We’ve got a special edition of the P2PU Community Call coming up this Thursday, at 8AM US Pacific Time.

Beck Pitt, from the OER Research Hub at the Open University will be joining us to speak about the research they have been doing with the School of Open.
As preparation, you might want to have a look at these blog posts: Part 1 and Part II

Everyone is welcome to join the call - we’re using Goggle hangout, and you can find details of how to join in this etherpad.

See you all there

Thanks for sharing, @dirk . I checked the etherpad you mentioned and it says:

We’re hanging out here: join us!

But I couldn’t find any link to the hangout :slight_smile:

Hey @jaumebarcelo. Sorry, the hangout link is normally added at the time of the call. That would be 8AM US Pacific Time or 2 hours and 10 minutes from now :smile:

Oh! Right! That makes perfect sense … :slight_smile:

Hi @jaumebarcelo

You can join us here:

Thanks @bekka !

I couldn’t make it as I wanted to attend a local meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of arduino:

By the way, I will contact you soon to see if we can promote our course
in the p2pu blog.