Community Call - 17 April 2014

Thanks for joining us to talk about the new CC licenses last week. For those who couldn’t come, we couldn’t do a recording unfortunately, but @jane offered to field questions in an async fashion.

So, here goes my first question - I stumbled across this website: that offers placeholder images - you can use a URL like to get a picture of a boat that is 500 by 500 pixels in size! I notice that they show the attribution as CC BY on the picture and when you follow the link (manually, since it’s an image) they attribute the author. The original image on flickr is published under CC BY 2.0.

Should they be attributing the author on the image, or do you think the way they are doing it is reasonable since they have to embed the attribution in an image?

Hey Dirk!

It seems fine to me since as far as I can figure out you discover images
through its own page, eg., and that page
has clearly stated the author, license, link to license, and even goes
beyond that by linking to the author’s photostream and profile page?

Regarding the actual embedding of info on the image itself – this is
something we usually don’t recommend as it sort of ruins the image. Much
better to have the info around the image than watermarked.